January / April /October 2018

Part 2:  Spring

April Thu 26.4.- May 1st, 2018

official selection

SON1/SON2: Script writing courses 1+2 by Ip Wishin
Thu 26.4./ Fri 27.4. 2018; 18-22h, Sonovista Studio
alle Teilnehmer dieser Module haben freien Einritt  in
alle Schikaneder-19h-Screenings im April:

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SCHIK1: Comedy - horror - shorts 1 - German language
Sat 28.4.2018,19:00, Schikander Kino
Ghosts (Bow Shock) (USA, 3') by Michael Mantsourani (MV)
He loves me (AUT, 1') by Perica Antov
Ellas Schal (AUT/POL, 6') by Jolanta Warpechowski [world premiere]
Good, human! (AUT, 6') by Catharina Lott
A Walk in the Park (BEL/AUT, 7') by Dieter-Michael Grohmann [world premiere]
Sitzpinkler (Beatmöpse) (AUT, 3') by Marie-Luise Haugk [MV, theatrical world premiere]
Shut Up, I'm on a Roll!   (SPA/NED, 4')  by Oscar Martin [MV]
Aufräumkommando (AUT, 11') by Alexander Weber [world premiere]
Unscheinbar und schmutzig (AUT, 25') by Bernd Berger [world premiere; engl. title: Unpretentious and dirty]
Caminante (La Tete de Mon Frère, BEL 3') by Dieter-Michael Grohmann, Shania Vandezande [MV]
Die besonderen Fähigkeiten des Herrn Mahler (GER, 29') by Paul Philipp (BEST SHORTFILM 2018)

SCHIK2: Magical Moments & Mystery
Sat 28.4.2018, 21:15, Schikander Kino
Le Papillon (FRA, 26') by Romain Paillès, Cyrille Paillès
The Making of a Dream   (SUI, 62') by Daniela Ambrosoli (BEST LONG DOCUMENTARY)
An intense documentary about dancers pursuing their dream.
In dieser Doku wird aufgezeigt, wieviel es kosten kann, seinen Traum als Tänzer_in zu leben.

BSL1: Music Video and Comedy
Sun, 29.4. 16:30
Momentum (JAP/AUT, 2') by Gen Seto [world premiere]
BVIS - Svart Gull (NOR 4') by Stian Dale (MV)
Moop Mama ft. Jan Delay - Alle Kinder (GER, 3') by  Yann Berrai [MV]
Wir drehen keinen Film (GER, 88') by Ulla Geiger
Actor Kurt hires a camerawoman to film his everyday life. He hopes to solve his problems with it.
[comedy; Engl. title: We're not shooting a Film; German with English subtitles]

BSL2: Family film
Sun, 29.4. 18:30
A Man Like My Father (RSA, 107') by Sean Else
Juan and his family have to fly from London to Juan's childhood place Cape Town to visit his family. There they have to face their past.
[family film; Afrikaans title: 'n Man Soos my Pa; Afrikaans with English subtitles]

SCHIK3: Comedy - horror - shorts 2 - English language
Mon 30.4.2018, 19:00, Schikander Kino
Dots (TAI, 16') by Chen-Wen Lo
Dead Tired (UK, 12') by  Abbie Lucas
Bella and the Fillet of Deer (AUT/POL, 5') by Jolanta Warpechowski [world premiere]
The Choice (USA, 14') by Charles Frederick Secrease (premiere)
Birdnest Hair (AUS, 4') by Matt Hsu, Ashleigh Djokic (MV)
The Last Well (CRO ,20') by Filip Filkovic Philatz (BEST SCI-FI)
Vampire Love (SPA, 5')  by Vera & Andrei Zaitcev [MV]
The Victory of Charity (AUT, 24') by Albert Meisl [German title: Die Last der Erinnerung]

SCHIK4: Horror!
Mon, 30.4. 21:15
, Schikander Kino
Blindman's Lane (UK/ITA, 13') by Diego Indraccolo, Alice Gatti
Misappropiation   (SPA, 9')  by Ana Maria Ferri
Frankenstein   (CH, 85')  by Noemi Amadori, Philipp Ramspeck

A genuine experimental horror film following Mary Shelley's original
Frankenstein very closely as a great POV-movie.

SCHIK5: great short films
Tues, 1st May, 19:00
, Schikander Kino
Nicole's Cage  (GER, 15') by Josef Brandl (BEST COMEDY)
The Last 2 Days (BUL, 25') by Dimitris Georgiev (BEST THRILLER)
Unleavened Bread (FRA, 9') by Wilfried Méance (BEST COMEDY)
Corky (IRL, 6') by Ty Primosch (BEST ANIMATION)
Mum, I'm back (GRE, 5') by Dimitris Katsimiris
Parents came to me to Sri Lanka (RUS, 30') by Vera Vodynski (BEST DRAMA)

Tues, 1st May, 21:00
,Schikander Kino
Past Imperfect (Le Passé Devant Nous) (BEL, 110') by Nathalie Teirlinck

A wonderful master piece about a young woman who is confronted with her past.

more tba.

previous events of 2018

Part 1:   Thursday 25.1.2018 18:30
Finissage of the Exhibition "Dance & Movement"
with the screening of the first part of the official selection 2018

location:. Museum Alsergrund  Währingerstraße 43. 1090 Wien

The Dérive by Tanin Torabei (Iran, 8')  
Was wenn tanzen nicht erlaubt ist? [MV]
What if dancing is not permitted?

Referendum by Hector Suñol Bert (SPA/Catalunia, 5')
Das Musikvideo zeigt, wie die Stimmen der Wähler bei der Katalonienabstimmung gesichert wurden. [MV]
How the votes of the Catalonia referendum were saved.

The Garden of Loved Ones by Janette Lopez (MEX, 7')
Eine junge Frau sucht ihre Liebe und muss weit dafür reisen.
Blanca, a young woman searches far and wide for a beloved person in Mexico.

I'm not a Band - Easy by Toby Wulff (GER, 4')
Ein Musikvideo über eine junge Frau mit Anorexie. [MV]
The music video is telling the story about a girl suffering from anorexia. Fighting
with herself she hardly tries to break the vicious circle.


Mistress by Julia Gani (KAZ, 7')  
Eine tragische Liebesgeschichte eines Malers mit seinem Model.
A love story between a painter and his model.

A woman who has gone through me  by Aleksandra Brovchenko (UKR, 4')
Menschen, die durch Milch erscheinen und verschwinden. [MV]
People is going through us in time, they are going and going... all the time. Literally.


Eyes Everywhere by Daniel Bernhardt (AUT, 5')
Ein animiertes Musikvideo über Überwachung. [MV]
In a cold and sterile world Kaskador feels more and more uncomfortably watched.

Bleib ein Mensch by Schorsch Feierfeil (AUT, 2')
Ein wunderschönes, animiertes Musikvideo [MV]
Flying away from all pressures, celebrating humans immanent curiosity and passion.

Promised Land - a dance movie  by Rowin Höfer (AUT, 4')
Ein indianischer Tänzer und eine österreichische Aerialistin in einem Flussbett. [MV]
A story between an Indian Dancer and an Austrian Aerialist, shot in a riverbed.

Smear by David Weinand (AUT, 4')
Eine Geschichte gelenkt nur durch die Klänge, welche sie begleiten. [MV]
A story guided only by the sounds and the name of the song that it's accompanying.

Fragments by Lucas Vossoughi, Artur Golczewski  (AUT, 11')
Die Fragmente der Erinnerung an die letzte Nacht einer jungen Frau.
A young woman awakens next to a man, who, while not unfamiliar, seems oddly strange to her.
She roams drowsily through his apartment, being awash with shreds of memories.
Fragments of what happened last night, which don't add up to a coherent whole.

Alexander Bachmayer, Brigitte Freysinger, Olivia Klonfar
Lydia Mantler, Fritz Novopacky, Andreas Reisenbauer, Thomas Weilguny


22. 3. 2018, 20h,  Gartenbaukino Wien
Glossary of Broken Dreams (AUT, 98') by Johannes Grenzfurthner

Part 3:  5.-7. October

Austrian competitions - part 2
international competition - part 2 (shorts)

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