17.-21.5.2017 & 12.-15.10.2017


(the national films, best animation short, best sci-fi short and best
international feature will be awarded on 15th Oct.2017 at the award ceremony)

movie theatres locations - maps (Kinoadressen)

autumn edition 2017)

Do. 12..10.2017 BSL 20:30  TICKETS
Homebird - Nepal by Andrea Leichtfried, Simon Spädtke
Leaving the nest by Aksel Stasny
(the two best independent documentaries from Austria of this year)

German with English subtitles and English with English subtitles

Fr 13.10.2017 Ateliertheater ca. 18:30
Don't sell my Guitars (USA, Austrian premiere)
by Lynn Montgomery (with Q&A)

Public choice short film competition Austria I
Beyond The Broken Hoop by Elias Buttinger
Few Reasons To Dislike You by Sergio Antonio Aguero
First Step by Zoe Borzi
The Widow by Max Stevanovic
The photographer, his lover, his sister and her lover by Farhad Bazyan
Nisa by Barbara S.Müller
Last Night by Juliana Neuhuber

(all films in English or with English subtitles)

Fr 13.10.2017 Ateliertheater  ca. 21:00   TICKETS
Public choice short film competition Austria II:

The Censor
by Daniel Krunz, Oliver Teufelbauer
Run Baby Run by Percia Antov
#GOALS by Marios Glöckner
Freedom by Kathrin Steinbacher
Taste of Love by Paul Scheufler
Zugabe by Homajon Sefat

Nachtmeerfahrt by Tina Feyrer 
best Austrian independent feature film of 2017

(most films in German, some films have no English subtitles)

Sa 14.10. 2017 Schikander 18:30h

Rauchen verboten by Alexander Baldreich (world premiere)  (with Q&A)
by  FraGue Moser-Kindler
Frosch, Schenkel und Prinzen
by Frederik Füssel (world premiere) (with Q&A)
German without subtitles)

Sa 14.10. 2017 Schikander 21:00h   TICKETS
Public choice short film competition Austria III

Matrix Begins by Marc Wolf
Das Stundenglas by Dieter Grohmann
The farewell of Christian Gruber by Clifford Käfinger, Maximilian Povacz
Jedem sein Sterbenstag by Alexander Baldreich
Morgensport by Elias Rauchenberger
Kizot by  Clemens Thurn


Little Thief (UK/FRA, Austrian premiere, best short Sci Fi) by Xavier Guinard

Preisverleihung - Publikumspreis

So 15.10. 2017 Topkino 17:00   TICKETS
Award Ceremony - Jury Awards

Funkstörung - All the Things by Marlene Reischl, Katharina Pichler

Out of Innocence (IRL, Austrian premiere) by Danny Hiller
(Best international feature film 2017)  (with Q&A)

(English original version)

17.-21.5.2017 (
spring edition)


MI 17.5.2017 18:30  BSL - Best long documentary
Axe - Music of the People of a Place  (BRA) by Chico Kertész
(Brasilian with English subtitles and very much music) 

Faszinierende und umfassende Doku über die brasilianische Musik
 und den Karneval von Bahia der letzen 30 Jahre. Absolut sehenswert!

Axé: Music of the People of a Place” it’s a powerful trip through brazilian origins and evolution of the most popular musical genre in the history of the nation. In the richest musical and cultural state of Bahia, that originated names as Ivete Sangalo, Daniela Mercury, Carlinhos Brown and the world famous Caetano Velloso and Gilberto Gil, the story of Axé Music is a journey of identity, religion, rhythms and an enthusiastic music full of life, dance and fun. Axé it’s a musical tale that makes you want to shake your body, sing and deliberate. more info

MI 17.5.2017  20:30  BSL - Best international short films - competition.  
All short films are Austrian or international premieres, films in English or with English subtitles

Cup of Tea  (INDIA) by Jitendra Rai
The Fish (IRAN) by Saman Hosseinpuor

Unbind  (AUSTRALIA/FRA) by Mathilde Neau
             Father (CAN, ) by Lella Satie
(Die Regisseurinnen werden anwesend sein.)

Mirror Man (Vietnam/GB) by Vu Nguyen Nam Khue
Cup of Coffee  (ISRAEL) by Nurit Tzoreff-Markuse
Life Journey  (CHINA) by Solax Zhu

DO 18.5.2017
18:30  BSL - Best feature length drama -  Austrian premiere
Höre die Stille - Hear the Silence  (GER) by Ed Ehrenberg
(German with English subtitles)
Starker, spannender Film über die Spirale der Gewalt in einem kleinen Dorf während des Krieges.

 1941. A small, lost unit of German soldiers is looking forshelter in a remote, snowy small village in the Ukraine. They got separated from their company during battle and now they are deep within enemy territory cut off from the German troops. The soldiers have to make a stop in the village in order to get provisions and transport  so that they can join their troops again - maybe a very dangerous thing to do. HEAR THE SILENCE is a parable about the loss of innocence during times of war that results  in brutal preventive actions. People get trapped in an unstoppable circle of violence.

20:30  BSL - Best international short films - competition.
(English or with English subtitles)


Sand Men  (GB/ROM) by Tal Amiran
Backstory  (GER) by Joschka Laukeninks
Ringo Rocket Star and his song for Yuri Gagarin  (HOL, Serbia) by Rene Nuijens

IIOII  (Iceland) by Rakel Jónsdóttir
The Devil and the Holy Water (FIN/ETH) by Diego Maria Malara

Cowboys & Indians (SPAIN) by Emilia Ruiz
The Courtesy of Angels (FRA) by Valérie Théodore

out of competition - world premieres:

NorMill   by Alexander Bachmayer (AUSTRIA) (English)
  Glaube Liebe Hoffnung by Jolantha Warpechowski (POLAND/AUSTRIA)
(Polish with German subtitles)
Die Regisseurin wird anwesend sein.

FR 19.5.2017
18:30 Schikaneder  -  Best feature length romance film / roadmovie
You are everything  (GER) by Lena Geller  - Austrian premiere
(and Sa 20.5.2017, 17:00)

 Journalist Georg and his girlfriend Vera meet DJ and bon vivant Dave Zuma at an open-air festival. When the three board the hippie bus, the trip of their lifetime begins, through the Balkans heading south. Side-by-side, under the sun of the ancient continent a passionate amour fou unfolds between the three and shows them what it means to be alive.

20:30 Schikaneder  - Austrian public choice and international competition
(German - mostly with English subtitles)

Speechless (GER) by Robin Polak
Christ/el (GER) by Andreas Grützner

Publikumswettbewerb Österreich (jede gekaufte Eintrittskarte hat eine Stimme)

Studentenfutter  (Moonligher) by Tamas Kiss (AUSTRIA)

Sprichwörtliches Glück  by Dave Lojek, Steffi Sixdorf (AUSTRIA)
Rift  by Christoph Brüller (AUSTRIA)

Zwietracht der Hyänen  by Alexander Peskador (AUSTRIA)
Keine Bewegung! by Katha Schaar (AUSTRIA)

22:30 Schikaneder - Best feature length horror film (English without subtitles)
The Wasting  (GB) by Carolyn Saunders

Das Coming-of-Age Horrodrama beginnt ruhig, aber der jungen Sophie (wunderbar gespielt von Lauren McQueen) wird am Ende alles abverlangt.

 Sophie is on the brink of womanhood, in love for the first time, and fighting for her life. She’s anorexic, a result of a battle with her overbearing father Ilyas for control of her life. He’s a chef; refusing food is her only weapon, and her secret boyfriend Liam her only relief. When Sophie starts having nocturnal visits from a horrifying ghost, everyone she loves dismisses it, believing she’s having anorexic hallucinations. Her credibility lost, Sophie leans on Liam and they become more intimate. Suspicious Ilyas cracks down harder, while Sophie’s possessive mother is disturbed sensing she may lose her virginity. Pressure builds, the anorexia and the attacks increase. Sophie’s life is on the line and a dark family secret surfaces as the battle of wills becomes a battle for survival.

SA 20.5.2017
 19:00 Schikaneder  - Austrian public choice  and international competition

White Balloon  (CAN/BOS-HERZ) by Nihad Ademi

(intensive personal docu, English)
Der Regisseur wird anwesend sein.

Boat People  by Paul Meschuh (AUSTRIA)
Aufbrechen (Burst) by Peter Pflügler (AUSTRIA)

Carpe Memo  by Max Koller, Daniel Hager (AUSTRIA)
Follow Me  (BEL/AUSTRIA) by Dieter Michael Grohmann
(directors will be present)

21:00 Schikaneder - Austrian public choice  and international competition

Hilde  by Felix Knoche
Amygdala by Michael Übleis

Sternenjäger by Johannes Schiehsl
Sommerhaus by Aljosha Wuzella, Sarah Handler

international competition

Loop (USA) by Kely McClung

Der Regisseur wird anwesend sein.

Stella Amore (ITA) by Cristina Puccinelli

award ceremony



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