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ALA KACHUU - Take and Run (CH, 39') by Maria Brendle
Aguirre (PUERTO RICO, 7') by Eric Yamil Cruz, Sergio Daniel
Allerseelen (AUT,10') by Michael J. Keplinger
ANGST (AUT,10') by Béla Baptiste
Beavers About Town (AUT,9') by Yaz Ellis, Jack Mifflin
Border to Infinity (AUT,16') by Herbert Gantner
Blót - Torn Between Worlds (AUT, 25') by Alexander Flatau
Child's Play (AUT, 4') by Lisa Hasenhütl
The Clown Wars (GER,8') by Elenar Pila Nyffeler
David Lindmer - Omen (UK,5') by DRUST MV
do it (AUT, 2') by Christoph Amort
The Dutchman's Pipe (AUT/USA,19') by Béla Baptiste
Edmund - Sog ma wonn (AUT, 4') by René Rodlauer. MV
Fleeting: Here & There (CAN, 3') by Gilnaz Arzpeyma  
FUDLIAKS! Tear the sexes apart! (AUT, 13') by Jasmin Hagendorfer
Goldfish in the hamster wheel (AUT, 13') by Christoph Amort
Green Desert (AUT, 12') by Carolina Schmidt
How Captain Penguin won World War II (AUT, 1') by Danielle Bouteille
Hysterical Sisters - A short film about Adenomyosis & Endometriosis (AUT, 17') by Chiara Schreder
I Didn't Ask For This (AUT,4') by Shelly Gertan MV
Impetus (AUT,31') by Benjamin Knoebl
Isolation Art - Recreating Masterpieces (AUT,9') by Katharina Dietl
Jaeyn - Journey (AUT, 4') by Nicole Jaeger MV
Just Hair (AUT,5') bys Amina Rosa Krami, Fiona Quint, Leon Harms
Let´s go. (AUT, 30') by Anna Unterweger
A letter of remorse (AUT,2') by Amine Sabeur
Die letzte Reportage (AUT,9') bys Daniel Simair, Rafael Gindl
Magnified City (JAP,12') by Isaku Kaneko
My Little Black Dress (AUT, 2') bys Leni Charles, Cherelle
NATAL (AUT, 9') by Florian Johann Jaritz
  N E X U M (AUT,5') by Flavia Mazzanti
Overflow (AUT, 3') by Carla Nora Bambauer
Pandas in Love (GER,15') by Elena Pilar Nyffeler
Progression - The Death Of Gaby Get'cha (AUT, 5') by Martin Willibald Meisl
Servus Karl (AUT, 24') by Thomas Bischof
Spitting Ibex - Dingo Jackson (AUT,9') by Florian Kittner MV
Tangent (AUT, 17') by Florian Hatwagner
Translation (TUR, 1') by Omer Faruk Baran
Von Seiten der Gemeinde - Wolffreie Zone (AUT,4') by Leonhard Kotschy MV
Waidmannsruh- A hunter short film (AUT, 9') bys Alexander Rammerstorfer, Niko Nopp
The Wish (AUT,11')  by Silvia Knödlstorfer


§201 to §220 ( AUT, 40 ') by Noah Hatz
AKRONPOLIS D7 ( AUT, 16') by Paulos Katsàros
Andi, Andrea and the Alps ( AUT, 14') by Nicolas Flood
The ANTI-WAR SONG (SPA, 4 ') by Boris Rifkin
Backseat Driver ( UK, 8') by Jake Balfour-Lynn
Bechora ( UK, 9 ') by Maya Armon
Between Us ( AUT, 7') by Julian Giacomuzzi, Marie Tatzber, Florian Reidinger, Enia Cosic
The Burden ( AUT, 20 ') by Melanie Kraft, Konrad Russegger
Butter, Bread and Ham ( AUT, 8') by Oliver Oskar Weinmann
Coin ( AUT, 4') by Niko Nopp
Conny - Melancholé (GER, 7 ') by Alexander Flatau
Corps à Cors ( FRA,11 ') by Hippolyte Burkhart-Uhlen, Vincent Benedetti-Icart
A Dead Man´s Shirt ( AUT, 7') by Anna-Katharina Karner, Lukas Erlacher
Dear Mr. Ishida ( AUT, 8 ') by Sebastian Bobik
Dirty Distancing ( AUT, 30 ') by Dominic Marcus Singer
Eureka (USA, 15') by Miida Chu
Exposed to each other ( AUT, 13') by Mersolis Schöne
Fault Line ( USA, 39') by Lauren Himmelvo
The Flat ( RUS, 17') by Elina Kurbatova
Flick-a-Cig ( GER, 14') by Elena Weiss
The Girl with the Accent ( UAE, 10') by Nadia Durry
Glimmer - devil's daughter and preacher's son ( AUT, 5') by Anna Haslehner
Graph Your Story (USA, 3') by Richard Koscher, Riccardo Vecchio
green thoughts ( UK, 20 ') by William Hong-xiao Wei
Hoid die Goschn ( AUT, 6') by Emre Cakir, Jens Lamprecht
In.Ewigkeit.Amen ( AUT, 5 ') by Thomas Keplinger
It's Coming ( BEL, 35') by Thomas De Brabanter, Jan Nachtergaele, Pieter Serkeyn, Tom Van de Pol
LIKE YOU ( SPA, 9') by Marco Gosalvez
Live Another Second ( CH, 4 ') by Lorenz Killer, Tobias Sutter
Los Sueños De Los Muertos ( BEL,20') by Christopher Jorna
Murmur ( AUT, 10 ') by Katharina Pichler
November Elegy ( AUT, 40') by Hannes Fretzer
On Island West ( UK, 14') by Carolyn Saunders
Quando, Quando, Quando ( USA, 11') by Kuan Cao
Revenge of a Grandmother ( CH,3 ') by Timur Örge
Rooster ( USA, 18') by Malik Maliki
Rudolf Duala Manga Bell – a German Story [short] ( GER,30') by Henrik Langsdorf
Sould ( AUT, 40 ') by Thomas Kriechhammer
Sound of Memories ( UAR, 10') by Gargi Chakrabarti
STAGNATION ( AUT, 6 ') by Ines Reisner, Isa Lientschnigg
Strangers ( GER, 6 ') by Simon Spieske
TESTING STATION ( UK, 10 ') by Anne Gart
THUNDER ( GER, 19 ') by Jane Nagler
Todo ( AUT, 7 ') by Michael Dürr
The Travelling Birds ( CHINA, 17') by Shen Ren
We called it summer. ( AUT, 3 ') by Marlena Marie Grübl, Michael Seidl
We are bad heroes ( GER, 3 ') by  David Grimaud, Andreas Klinger, David-Jonas Frei
Witchburn ( AUT, 16 ') by Thomas Miklautsch
A Woman's New World ( USA, 40 ') by Christina Rose

(7.11.2022 Schikaneder KIno)

The Casting Momentum (AUT, 12') by John Whitehand, Alexander Bachmayer, Patrick Seidl


  SCHICK 1-6 Schikaneder Kino
NS/SEMI: no screening/semi finalist but official selected and in competition
MV: music video
ONLINE: online
VR: virtual reality
OC: out of competition (films by the AFF-team)

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