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2020 Brushstroke (USA, 5') by Tsai Hsi Hung SEMI
Aging Bull
(FIN, 3') by Leevi Ikonen, Heikki Ikonen SEMI
Beyond the Hidden (ISL, 6') by Rakel Jónsdóttir MV, SEMI ONLINE
Big Zis - AU79(CH, 5') by Franziska Schläpfer SEMI, MV ONLINE
Bunkers (USA, 7') by Ollie Anderson SEMI
Born in Gambia (SPA/GAMB, 27') by Natxo Leuza Fernandez SEMI
Caravan (HUN, 5') by Tibor Vona SEMI
Carry My Heart to the Yellow River (CHI, 22') by Alexis Van Hurkman SEMI
Dafa Metti (UK/FRA, 15') by Tal Amiran SEMI
Fatoni - Clint Eastwood (GER, 4') by Yann Berrai  SEMI, MV ONLINE
The fever (SPA, 19') by José María Flores Miranda SEMI
Give me a smile (GER, 9') by Anja Gurres SEMI
Good Vibrations (UK, 11') by Abbie Lucas SEMI ONLINE
Habitat (CSR/SLV, 17') by Marek Kimei Matvija SEMI
Hilpert und Macao (GER, 17') by Sören Witzel SEMI
I Lost the Horse (USA, 10') by Yu LiuJing SEMI
In the Same Direction: Jeff Pifher & Socrates' Trial (USA, 17') by Alexander Craven SEMI
The Interview (NIG, 14') by Bright Osaf SEMI
James Arthur feat. Travis Barker - You (GER/USA, 5') by Timon Birkhofer MV, SEMI ONLINE
Jerusalem (ISR, 5') by Ofer Winter, Shimon Engel MV, SEMI
King Mami - My Time (GER, 4') by Saralisa Volm ONLINE MV, SEMI
The Last Detail - Places (SPA, 5') by Santi Capuz  SEMI ONLINE
La Bien Querida - Miedo (SPA, 5') by Santi Capuz SEMI ONLINE
Limbo (CAN, 18') by  Anthony von Seck SEMI
Linnea Dale - Birds (NOR, 5') by Daniel Paida Larsen MV, SEMI ONLINE
Maestro - Symphony for Humanity (CAN, 12') by Nihad Ademi SEMI
Mitchell Tenpenny - Love & Rock N' Roll (USA, 4') by Michael Everett SEMI, MV ONLINE
Mother (SPA, 18') by Rodrigo Sorogoyen SEMI
Places (SPA, 5') by Claudia Barral Magaz SEMI ONLINE
Planet Earth calling Ana (SPA, 20') by Fernando Bonelli SEMI
The Priest (USA, 18') by Michael Vukadinovich
The Romatic Movement (USA, 20') by Yuhe Lu SEMI
Sentiments distingués (FRA, 11') by Keren Marciano SEMI
Short Calf Muscle (NED, 13') by Victoria Warmerdam SEMI
Silent Movie (BRA, 15') by Melo Viana SEMI
The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating (USA, 15') by Elisabeth Tova Bailey SEMI
Thelomis Danube - Crépuscule en mineur(FRA, 4') by Anthelme Dubois ONLINE MV, SEMI
Trap (NZL, 12') by Paul James SEMI
An upside-down tale (SPA, 13')  by Inés Pintor Sierra, Pablo Santidrián SEMI
Veryovka Choir - Reve ta stogne (UKR, 6') by Volodymyr Shpak MV, SEMI
Where is Luis? (MEX/HUN, 14') by Janette A. López
Where is the wolf? (SWE, 26') by Jonathan Norberg SEMI
Women without a child (SPA, 15') by Eva Saiz López SEMI
Yarne (USA, 15') by Andrew Krakower SEMI
Your Lucky Day (SPA, 11') by Fele Martínez SEMI

7,2 m²
(AUT, 7') by Elias Rauchenberger SEMI
Aloe Blacc - My World (AUT, 4') by Daniel Poschinger MV, ONLINE
Altlast (AUT, 19') by Florian Purkarthofer SEMI
AnKathie Koi - The Void (AUT, 5') by Jakob Kaiser MV, SEMI ONLINE
Anna (AUT, 7') by Ines Schiller SEMI
Apart (AUT, 29') by Lukas Galle SEMI
BLVEBIRD: Bleed (AUT, 5') by Lukas Halder  SEMI, ONLINE
Brother John (AUT, 6') by Ulrike Schild SEMI, MV, ONLINE
Die Bürde
(AUT, 5') by Konrad Russegger, Melanie Kraft SEMI
Call Me Astronaut - Champagne Drag Queen (AUT, 6') by Anna Haslehner MV, SEMI, ONLINE
Close (work in progress) (AUT, 12') by Benjamin Pieber SEMI
Coming Home (AUT, 4') by Benjamin Swiczinsky
Copyversum (AUT, 5') by Chris.Ui SEMI
Cycle (AUT, 2') by Robert Kohlhuber ONLINE SEMI
Empathy (AUT, 12') by Lea Bouchal SEMI
Gerda Gelse (AUT, 9') by Lydia Salner SEMI
Gute Nacht (AUT, 13') by Nikolaus Stadler SEMI
Home Office Blues (AUT, 4') Philipp Teucher (VR/3D, MV) SEMI
Ich armer Mensch (AUT, 17') by Bastian Wilplinger SEMI
John Parker und der Verrückte (AUT, 18') by Alexander Baldreich SEMI
Karneval der Kellner (AUT, 11') by Alexander Peskador
Lury (AUT, 8') by Laurin Steinhuber, Amelie Steinhuber, Niklas Steinhuber SEMI
Marco Kleebauer - Yeah Sure (AUT, 4') by Schorsch Feierfeil SEMI, MV, ONLINE
Masterpieces (AUT, 12') by Alexander Mair
Max Blum - Melo (AUT, 5') by Christoph Amort, Max Blum  MV, SEMI, ONLINE
Miblu - Boy (AUT, 3') by Director Sarah Scherer MV, SEMI, ONLINE
Nah (AUT, 7') by Florentin Rys SEMI
New Religion - Another Perspective (AUT, 5') by Tetyana Aleks
One Left (AUT, 7') by Sebastian Doringer SEMI
Phil Phiera feat. Mad & Chilli  - Chapter 5 (AUT, 3') by Maximilian Modl MV, SEMI, ONLINE
Pressure (AUT, 6')  by Julian Schmiederer SEMI
Rendezvous / Rendezvous gone wrong (BEL/AUT, 4') by Dieter - Michael Grohmann SEMI
The ripped jeans (AUT, 2') by Alice Cimador SEMI
Robocracy (AUT, 15') by Juan Careagga de le Matta SEMI, ONLINE
The Secret Box - The Rise of Paperboy (IRL/AUT, 11') by G.S. Leitgeb
A sentimental Journey (AUT, 5') by Alexander Baldreich SEMI
Shattered Identity (AUT, 6') by Fabian Lang SEMI
Simoom (AUT, 7') by Otmar Brosch ONLINE
Sonata Facile (AUT, 8')  by Markos Muehlschlegel-Triantafyllou SEMI, ONLINE
Stille Nacht (AUT, 12') by Alexandra Rieser SEMI
Strawberries (AUT/LUX 9') by Marc Weber, Gerald Pribek
Teenage Dreams
(AUT, 8') by Alex Lazarov SEMI
Tight Spot
(AUT, 7') by Benjamin Pieber
(AUT, 7') by Stefan Pecher
Violetta Parisini - Deine Hände (AUT, 4') by Schorsch Feierfeil SEMI ONLINE
Wampirem (AUT, 9') by Benjamin Pieber
Widerstand (AUT, 3') by Hanna Mathis

awards   theatrical program see here
(only the winner film is been shown in October 2020)
Am Rande der Zeiten (CH, 92') by Jörg Reichlin SEMI
Cabarete (DOM Rep., 112') by Ivan Bordas SEMI
Kopfkino - Das Filmmusical (GER, 86') by Peter Lund  SEMI
A Rose Between Thorns (Saint Kitts and Nevis, 86') by Nigel Lewis SEMI
Tag X (GER, 96') by Manuel Weiss SEMI
Winfield Historical Times...And Other Oddities (USA, 30') by Julia Cowle SEMI
Zu den Sternen (GER, 73') by Nicolai Tegeler SEMI

Colonna (AUT/GER, 35') by Berthold Bock SEMI
Dogwatch (AUT, 30') by Albin Wildner
Gipfel der Einsamkeit (AUT, 33') by Andreas Bacher SEMI
Menschen mit Latexhänden (AUT, 30') by Benjamin Juran SEMI
Mergui (AUT/Myanmar, 41') by Sandor Poppinga SEMI
LampEUsa (AUT/ITA, 64') by Alexander Lechner SEMI
Palermo (AUT, 37') by Thomas Tröger SEMI
Wienerland (AUT, 99') by Jan Woletz, Stefan Polasek SEMI

Bunker.net (AUT, 6') by Patrick Seidl, John Whitehand OC
Quality Time
(AUT, 2') by Andreas Reisenbauer, Conny Boes, Alexander Bachmayer OC
Two Minutes Later (AUT, 12') by John Whitehand OC
(AUT, 2') by Gen Seto  OC


  SCHICK 1-4 Schikaneder Kino
NS/SEMI: no screening/semi finalist but official selected and in competition
MV: music video
ONLINE: online
VR: virtual reality
OC: out of competition (films by the AFF-team)

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