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(international selection: July 2019)
full list - tba till 6/2019
films with confirmed screening date:

Der Ausflug (AUT, 39') by Jürgen Karasek EX 2
Be my Rebel - Nena & Dave Stewart ⌂  (AUT/GER, 4') by Virgil Widrich SCHICK 1
Brandung - Axel Le Rouge(GER, 4') by Silvia Johanus (MV) SCHICK 1
Cactus facing the sun (Chin, 15') by Zou Xiu Ming EX 2
Cos Love (Tom Rosenthal - GB/AUT 4') by Kathrin Steinbacher PRE
Darkest Valentine (AUT, 3') by Kathrin Steinbacher  ONLINE
Entschuldigung, ich suche den Tischtennisraum und meine Freundin (AUT/GER/SWE, 23') by Bernhard Wenger SCHICK 1
The Evil Within (USA, 93') by Eduardo Rufeisen  EX1
Fairy Tail (USA, 4') by Justin Schaack, Kristin Schaack SCHICK 1
Fight (TAI, 17') by David Lim EX 2
Formation (AUT 12') by Vesely Marek EX 2
The Game (AUT, 4') by Patrick Zadrobilek PRE
Heroes (SPA, 8') by Pablo Manchado Cascón, Santiago Cardelús Ruiz-Alberd EX 2
Hyäne Fischer - Im Rausch der Zeit   (AUT, 4') ONLINE
I am Social (AUT 6') by Selina Nenning EX2
Infill & Full set (Vietnam/UK, 15') by Hai Duc Dao EX 2
The Invisible Hand of Adam Smith (SLO, 16') by Slobodan Maksimović SCHICK 1
The last Drop (GER, 10') by Sascha Zimmermann
Legends of the 19th century (AUT, 6') by Alexander Bruckner EX 2
Light Matter ⌂  (AUT, 4') by Virgil Widrich
The Lovers (CH, 4') by Mathieu Cacheux (MV) EX 2
Momentum 2 (JAP/AUT 2') by Gen Seto EX 2
Der nächste bitte (AUT, 7') by Alexandra Rieser, Alina Fromm SCHICK 1
Nice to Meat You (AUT, 1') by Thomas Kepplinger SCHICK 1
Once I'm Alone (GB/POR, 6') by AL & K (VP) EX 2
Out of the Shell  (GER, 10') by Leander Behal EX 2
Parking 58 BXL (BEL, 6') by Dieter Grohmann EX 2
Perception (BAN, 6') by Salim Reza EX 2
Periode 28  (GER/AUT, 4') by Annika Müller, Alexander Tank  ONLINE
 Scandal (FRA/REU, 4') by Pablo Mengin-Lecreulx (MV) ONLINE
Schau ins Land (GER/AUT, 4') by Moritz Ellermann (VP) EX 2
 Selbstmord (AUT, 12') by Georg Tüchert PRE
Seven Sacred Laws (CAN, 29') by Nihad Ademi  EX 2
The Shape of Time (AUT 16') by Dominik Schwab EX 2
Sign (RUS, 25') by Svetlana Samoshina EX 2
Silent Lighthouse (IRAN, 2') by Payam Laghari, Farshad Ghafari EX 2
The Swimmer (SPA, 18') by Pablo Barce Orellana EX
The Woman Who Turns Into A Castle (GB/AUT, 4') by Kathrin Steinbacher EX 2
Threat Count - Tao of Bobo (USA, 2') by Daniel Appleby EX 2
Trieb (CH 3') by Diego Hauenstein EX 2
To Visit (KOR, 6') by Euiyoung Lim EX2
2 Aliens - Found Footage Fiasco  (GER, 34') by Thomas Zeug EX 2
UFO (BEL, 4') by Kevin Meul (MV) EX 2
The Woman Who Turns Into A Castle (AUT/GB, 4') by Kathrin Steinbacher EX 2
Wonderwall (UKR, 7') by Alexander Denysenko (MV) EX 2
more tba tiil 7/2019

  Boogeywoman (USA, 17') by Erica Scoggins HERBST
Royal Blue (AUT, 20') by Dinko Draganovic HERBST
Your last day on earth (SPA, 15')  by Marc Martínez Jordán
tba till 7/2019

Kilikis - the Town of Owls (MAR, 97') by Azlarabe Alaoui Lmaharzi
The Replacement (UAE, 11') by Nabil Chowdhary
2nd Class (SWE, 14') by Jimmy Olsson
tba till 7/2019

awards and laurels 2016-2018

EX2: exhibition screening Alseum 9.1.2019
EX3: exhibition screening Alseum approx. 25.1.2019
  SCHICK 1 Schikaneder Kino  12.1.2019
PUP1/2/3: Schikander Kino approx. 6.10.2019

EX1: screening Alseum, 25.10.2018
  PRE Schikaneder Kino  16.11.2018

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