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awards and laurels
films with confirmed screening date:

Frankenstein   (SUI/AUT 85')  by Noemi Amadori, Philipp Ramspeck  SCHIK4
Glossary of Broken Dreams (AUT, 98') by Johannes Grenzfurthner (22.3.2018) GART1
A Man Like My Father (RSA, 107') by Sean Else BSL2
Past Imperfect (Le Passé Devant Nous) (BEL, 110') by Nathalie Teirlinck SCHIK6
Wir drehen keinen Film (GER, 88') by Ulla Geiger BSL1
The Making of a Dream (SUI, 62') by Daniela Ambrosoli SCHIK2

Aufräumkommando (AUT, 11') by Alexander Weber SCHIK1
Bella and the Fillet of Deer (AUT/POL, 5') by Jolanta Warpechowski SCHIK1
Blindman's Lane (UK/ITA, 13')  by Diego Indraccolo, Alice Gatti SCHIK4 
The Choice
(USA, 14') by Charles Frederick Secrease SCHIK3
Corky (IRL, 6')  by Ty Primosch SCHIK5
Dead Tired (UK, 12') by  Abbie Lucas SCHIK3
Dots (TAI, 16') by Chen-Wen Lo  SCHIK3
Ellas Schal (AUT/POL, 6') by Jolanta Warpechowski SCHIK3
Fragments (AUT, 11') by Lucas Vossoughi, Artur Golczewski EX1
The Garden of Loved Ones (MEX, 7') by Janette Lopez EX1
Good, human! (AUT, 6') by Catharina Lott SCHIK1
He loves me (AUT, 1') by Perica Antov SCHIK1
The Last 2 Days (BUL, 25') by Dimitris Georgiev SCHIK5
The Last Well (CRO ,20') by Filip Filkovic Philatz SCHIK3
Misappropiation   (SPA, 9')  by Ana Maria Ferri SCHIK4
Mum, I'm back (GRE, 5') by Dimitris Katsimiris SCHIK5
Mistress (Kazakhstan, 7') by Julia Gani EX1
Momentum (JAP/AUT, 2') by Gen Seto BSL1
Nicole's Cage  (GER, 15') by Josef Brandl SCHIK5
Le Papillon  (FRA, 26') by Romain Paillès, Cyrille Paillès SCHIK2
Parents came to me to Sri Lanka (RUS, 30') by Vera Vodynski SCHIK5
Die besonderen Fähigkeiten des Herrn Mahler (GER, 29')  by Paul Philipp SCHIK1
The Victory of Charity (AUT, 24') by Albert Meisl SCHIK3
Unleavened Bread (FRA, 9') by Wilfried Méance SCHIK5
Unpretentious and dirty (AUT, 25') by Bernd Berger SCHIK 1
A Walk in the Park (BEL, 7') by Dieter-Michael Grohmann SCHIK1

  Alle Kinder (Moop Mama ft. Jan Delay)  (GER, 3') by  Yann Berrai (MV) SCHIK5
Bleib ein Mensch (AUT, 2') by Schorsch Feierfeil  (MV) EX1
Birdnest Hair   (AUS, 4') by Matt Hsu, Ashleigh Djokic (MV) SCHIK3
BVIS - Svart Gull (Black Gold, NOR 4') by Stian Dale (MV) BSL1
Caminante (La Tete de Mon Frère)  (BEL 3') by Dieter-Michael Grohmann, Shania Vandezande (MV) SCHIK1
The Dérive (Iran, 8') by Tanin Torabei  (MV) EX1
Eyes Everywhere (AUT, 5') by Daniel Bernhardt  (MV) EX1
Ghosts (Bow Shock) (USA, 3') by Michael Mantsourani (MV) SCHIK1
I'm not a Band - Easy (GER, 4') by Toby Wulff (MV) EX1
Promised Land - a dance movie  by Rowin Höfer (AUT, 4')  (MV) EX1
Referendum (Spain/Catalonia, 5') by Hector Suñol Bert (MV) EX1
Shut Up, I'm on a Roll!   (SPA/NED, 4')  by Oscar Martin (MV) SCHIK1
Sitzpinkler (Beatmöpse) (AUT, 2') by Marie-Luise Haugk (MV) SCHIK1
Smear (AUT, 4') by David Weinand (MV) EX1
Vampire Love (SPA, 5')  by Vera & Andrei Zaitcev (MV) SCHIK4
A woman who has gone through me  (UKR, 4') by Aleksandra Brovchenko  (MV) EX1

films which we show in the October edition:

Famelica (ITA, 4') by Basculante (MV)
Patiri in the Promised Land (USA, 25') by Page Cooper Anderson, Dana Marisa Schoenfeld
 A22 (AUT, 12') by Eva Amann
Dark Social (AUT, 10')  by Catharina Isenburg
Fucking Drama (AUT, 17') by Michael Podogil
Hawaii (AUT, 4') by David Weinand

Mamma (AUT/ITA/SPA, 6') by Gonzalo Cotelo
The last Embrace (IRAN, 4') by Saman Hosseinpuor
(AUT, 8') by Albin Wildner
Newton's Third Law (SYR/AUT, 11') by Nour Alsoliman
Starvation (AUT, 1') by Perica Antov
Sweet Candy (AUT/CAN, 16') by Yilmaz Vurucu
Zuflucht (AUT, 10') by Daniel Andrew Wunderer

Adam & Esra (AUT, 19') by Achmed Abdel-Salem
Cosmopenguin in Sushiland (AUT, 12') by Luca Potskhishvili
Damnation (AUT, 12') by Patrick Haischberger

film online or part of the exhibition 2:
Daniel Hafner, London Rain Archive (AUT, 5') by Matthia Hafner
Deternity (AUT, 3')  by Mersolis Schöne, Evi Jägle
Impressure (UK, 5') by Guli Silberstein
Short|Shakespeare - TRUST (AUT, 8')  by Juliana Neuhuber
Silversterkreuzfahrt (AUT, 5') by Conny Boes, Andreas Reisenbauer

these wonderful and great films are part of the competition for the jury
but we can't screen them in movie theatres at the moment:
Allurement (CAN, 14') by Robert Misovic
BR-43, A JOURNAL (NED, RSA, 43') by Jeannice Adriaansens
My Brothers (FRA, 104') by Bertrand Guerry
The Opposite Of Life (ITA, 30') by Riccardo Menicatti, Bruno Ugioli
Referendum (Spain/Catalonia, 40'; long version) by Hector Suñol Bert
Sasha (USA, 18') by Dana Marisa Schoenfeld
Ultra Low (USA, 117') by Nicholas Gyeney

American Dream Stories (AUT, 80') by Thomas Zeller, Christine Lechner
American Vienna (AUT, 94') by Jasmin Al-Kattib, Richard Kromp
Auto (AUT, 14') by Christopffer Borggren
Lavendelgrün (AUT, 25') by Tobias Steiner
Pale Blue Me (AUT, 11') by Theresa Haas, Maurice Miller
Parted (AUT, 7') by Benjamin Nimac
Stammgäste (AUT, 18') by Daniel Bernhardt

films ONLINE and part of the Austrian competition:
2loud4u - Different Reality (AUT, 6') by Tamara Koenig (MV)
25 Years (AUT, 7') by Manuel Bovio (MV)
Approximation (AUT, 7') by Benno M. Hanke (MV)
The Arrival  (AUT, 2') by Matthias Streicher
EMMA - An American Alptraum in Austria (AUT, 8') by Daniel Limmer
Haram (AUT, 11') by Mahir Yildiz
Just in Time (AUT, 7') by Michael Holzer, Oliver Schöndorfer, Stefan Grassberger
Leeward Side of the Mountain (AUT, 22') by David Keeler
Lions and the Antilope (AUT, 3') by Michael Bachinger, Lukas Steinhuber
Die Schilehrer (AUT, 50') by Prinz Philipp Fussenegger
Snow Owl - She Became A Thousand Birds (COL/AUT, 5') by Juan Garcia-Herreros (MV)
Step by Step (AUT, 10') by Adam Baroud

EX1: exhibition screening Alseum 25.1.2018
SCHIK1/2: Schikander Kino 28.4.2018
BSL1/2: Breitenseer Lichtspiele 29.4.2018
SCHIK3/4: Schikander Kino 30.4.2018
SCHIK5/6: Schikander Kino 1.5..2018
GART1: Gartenbaukino 22.3.2018

semi-finalist laurels:  2017: white black  (2018: on 20th March)

films which we show in the January 2019 edition:
Selbstmord (AUT, 18') by Georg Tüchert

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